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Saphir Teinture Française Shoe Dye

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Have you ever grown tired of your shoe’s colour or had a stain on a light shoe that you could not takeaway? You then left this pair in the closet to collect dust as you no longer had the desire to wear it? We understand as we have been there too. But instead of neglecting the shoes that you once invested in, why not do something about it by giving them a fresh makeover with our easy-to-use Saphir Shoe Dye?

With a few easy steps, your shoes can have a whole new look, colour and feel about them.


Step 1: Use our Saphir Renomat leather cleaner to remove any excess polish and/or dust/dirt from the top of the leather. Allow this to dry for at least 1 hour.

Step 2: Use the applicator brush to apply small amounts of the dye directly onto the leather, rubbing it in circular motions to ensure an even application. (Always remember that a little goes a long way)

Step 3: Allow first layer to dry for at least 1 hour. If necessary apply a second layer to ensure the richness of the new colour.

Step 4: Apply our corresponding Cream Polish over the top of the new colour to seal it into the pores of the leather. Allow to dry for 20 minutes and then apply our corresponding Wax Polish to create a nice shine.

Step 5: Admire your shoes new colour.

*Please note the colour swatches are for guidance only. Dye may appear darker when applied to shoe*

See HERE for more in-depth pictures/instructions


  • Good for smooth/grained upper leather and sides of your shoe’s sole (edge dressing).
  • This dye is permanent and will stain your clothes. Be careful and best to use the gloves provided. If it touches your hand, wash with white spirit or lemon to remove.
  • Alcohol based solution.
  • 50ml
  • Made in France

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