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Our New Summer Models

At some point we were going to have to offer you a traditional double monk model of shoe, so we decided to go Italian style and create one that had a hand-stitched apron, as opposed to your typical cap toe version. A double monk being a bit more casual in nature (in our humble opinions), we felt that the apron stitch leaned more toward this notion and thus created a shoe that was not necessarily seen as less for 'work-wear' but hopefully seen more as a very smart-casual shoe that you could find yourself using as a your daily go-to shoe.

Therefore, welcome to our new Montlake model. It will sit just right underneath any piece of denim and/or casually smart trouser. And if you are really feeling smart, don't be afraid to pair it with a nice suit. That's how we would do it!

Our other new model is our Laurelhurst model (sans medallion) in Denim with the brown calf piping. Denim is in and for those that don't know, it is very comfortable as a material on your foot: think lined loafer with the feeling of unlined. That means maximum comfort, but still structured like a proper shoe with a substantial sole for one to stomp around the city in. If you love denim like we do, you will find yourself wanting to wear this more than you should. And while that is a no-no in the shoe's health arena, we won't judge you for it!
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