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Article: Tough Soles -- Without Sacrificing Elegance

Tough Soles -- Without Sacrificing Elegance

Our Toughest Soles

Which stay true to some of our sleekest designs
Function doesn't have to sacrifice form! Our lug "commando" sole was carefully designed to retain as much of a shoe's elegant profile and silhouette as possible, while really toughening it up. You almost won't notice this sole, unless you're wearing it: Then you'll feel just how sturdy it is!
We've put commando soles on boots (no surprise there) but also on some less "typical" pairings. Peek the models below, or click here to shop all styles made with this hardy sole!


Tough soles are most at home on boots, so we make extensive use of the commando sole in our boot collection. Laced up (or slipped on) all the way, these pairs feel like they can handle just about anything!


Oxfords are a year-round style, so it's inevitable that your pairs will run into some lousy weather. A great opportunity for the commando sole! You can see our Whittier model on commando soles here: still elegant, but extra durable, in two versatile colorways.

Loafers & Monkstraps

Here's where lug soles really flip the script: Loafers and, to a degree, monkstraps tend to feel like more "delicate" styles. Obviously our commando soled pairs are anything but that! Enjoy the aesthetics of a loafer, with the hefty feel and weather resistance of a lug sole.

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