GMTO / Crowdfund

- Pay 50% Deposit on full retail price - Use the code 'GMTO50' at checkout with the balance due later. 
- Pay 100% upfront - Use the code 'GMTO10' to receive a 10% discount on the full retail value of the GMTO. See details below.

Welcome to the GMTO / Crowdfund page. Please read everything carefully before making your purchase

GMTO means 'Group Made to Order'. And what that means is that we try to amass at least 6 orders of a particular model in order to meet minimum production requirements (i.e. crowdfund) and thus be able to waive the Made to Order fee and only charge you as a production model.

However, as we are making only the select amounts purchased, this means that a GMTO shoe/boot acts as an MTO since it is made specifically for you. As it is not standard production it needs to be produced after the fact (i.e. purchased and order made) and is therefore not returnable nor is it exchangeable. 

We will run new GMTO models each month. The GMTO period will start in the 1st week of the month and complete on the last day of the month. 

Payment Options

1. Deposit - Please use the code 'GMTO50' to pay a 50% deposit on the full retail price of the GMTO listed above. Final balance due prior to shipment of shoes. Please note that the deposit route may incur a higher shipping charge than you will pay in reality. If so, we will offset this by deducting the amount paid from the balance payment due. Unfortunately, we can not automate this.

2. Pay Upfront - Please use the code 'GMTO10' to receive a 10% discount on the full retail price. No balance due.

All GMTO's take approximately 4 months to make. This can vary due to leather availability. This time frame commences after the GMTO period has ended. This will be the first day after the month you paid. For example, if the GMTO period started March 2nd and you paid on the 3rd, the 4 months starts on April 1st.

For those of you who made deposits, please note that this is 50% of the full retail price and the balance (of the full retail price) will be due before receiving the goods. We offer a 10% discount to those that pay upfront. If you take the deposit route, this discount is forfeit.

Assuming the GMTO goes into production the pair you purchase will be non-exchangeable nor will it be refundable. This is an exclusive pair made just for you and the others that purchased specific sizes. If the GMTO does not reach its minimum order required to make production, we shall refund the money you paid.

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