Patina Service by Greg Park

Found at our NYC Shop - 101 Thompson St.

The History

A part of our offering as a shoe brand is a patina service provided by our friend Greg Park aka Hancore, who is based in our New York City shop in Soho. For those that do not know, Greg Park has a long history in the arts, starting off like many patina artists as a painter (not walls, but art :-) later became one of the world's respected patina masters.

He was one of the first artists to work for French shoe brand, JM Legazel where he studied under Jean Marie (the JM) for several years before becoming one of his master patina artists that then taught the subsequent workers that came after him. Working with JM LeGazel brought him to the States whereby he eventually branched out on his own, offering more services than just shoe dyeing and now has a strong business patina'ing pretty much any leather good you can think of.

We always wanted to have a patina service to complement our niche footwear and Greg's skills and service was a perfect fit for the both of us! We hope that you think so too!

The Service

Prices are as follows:

- Leather Shoes: $140
- Leather Boots: $160
- Leather Sneakers: $140
- Nike type athletic sneakers: $140
- Nike type athletic hi-tops: $160
Accessories for Patina:

-- Wallets and small leather goods: $70-$120
-- Leather Bags: Starting at $200
-- Jackets/Furniture upon request

***Patinas requiring a drawing first cost more, price upon request***
Shipping Prices on returned shoes will vary on location and value of the shoes in question. Shipping will start at $20 for North East shipments with base insurance value of $500. Prices go up from there, at the cost of what we are charged. More insurance value will add cost and we will ensure accordingly. We do not seek to profit on shipping but will not lose either.

All patina services take 3-4 weeks to complete. Greg's service is for all footwear. It is NOT exclusive to J.FitzPatrick shoes. That being, should you wish to bring in your own shoes for Greg to work his magic, by all means, please do so!

Patina Services as an MTO purchase take up to 5 months. Around 4 months for shoes. 1 month for patina.

See a few of his works below, on our footwear. This is only a fraction of Greg's capabilities and should only be seen as inspiration. The sky is the limit with regards to what you can get done on your shoes! Please note that the Patina # reference's are not exclusive to the model shown with that patina. It is just for your reference to know which model and the patina is being shown.

Please contact to get started

Please do not use the chat box to discuss patina. Email takes you directly to the artist.

To send your personal shoes, please use the following address

J.FitzPatrick Footwear
Attn: Patina
101 Thompson St (storefront)
New York, NY - 10012

Please use a courier service (UPS, DHL or FedEx) to ensure secure delivery. We do not recommend USPS as they often leave parcels unattended. If you insist to use USPS, for your sake, please select a signature confirmation. We will not be held responsible for any parcels lost or damaged during transit to our shop.
The Madison
Patina Vesuvio
The Rainier 
Patina Casca
The Rainier
Patina Olga
The Tony
Patina Fuji
The Snoqualmie
Patina Hannibal
The Magnolia
Patina Venus
The Roosevelt
Patina Sunset
The Lynwood
Patina Titan
The Montlake
Patina Phoenix
The Cascade
Patina Amarante
The Magnolia
Patina Rustrel
The Windermere
Patina Amazonia
The Madison
Patina Erta
The Whittier
Patina Woody
The Laurelhurst II
Patina Ripley
The Wedgwood 
Patina Verdon
The Tyler
Patina Cagliostro
The Whidbey
Patina Boston
The Issaquah
Patina Messier
The Windermere
Patina Shinjuku
The Hawthorne
Patina Père Lachaise
The McClure
Patina Anvers
The Ballard
Patina Arsène
The Snoqualmie
Patina Petrol Forest
The Sunnyside
Patina Pinocchio
The Sammamish
Patina Atlantis
The Chelan
Patina Calpis