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NJF Last

The NJF last is the boot version of our SES last. Like the SES it is our take on the bulbous round shaped toe that is common among the classic American or English shoe firms. Think along the lines of an Alden boot or the classic British brogue boot by Cheaney or Grenson. A very round toe, but without an overly wide toe box.

The SES last has a classic medium fitting


  • Relatively generous forefoot, being neither too wide, nor narrow by any means
  • Voluminous instep (unlike SES where we made it lower)
  • Good for medium to broad feet
  • Non-Elongated last, very shaped to foot length/profile

Keep the same size if you wear the below:

-- Most Crockett & Jones classic fitting lasts
-- Carmina lasts (exception Simpson)
-- Cheaney
-- Churchs
-- Most Benchgrade English brands