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Recraft Services


Here at J.FitzPatrick it is important that we see through the life of our shoes by offering a full refurbishment service that will provide you the ability to obtain the longest life possible out of them. To ensure that everyone's needs are met, we have put together two options.

1. Full Factory Refurbishment -- £125 – 6 - 8 week turnaround Having the shoes sent back to the factory to be put into their original last ultimately ensures the longest life possible as the same care that was taken to make the shoes will be upheld to re-craft them. The leather will be fully reconditioned, shined and reshaped to create the newest look possible.

2. London Re-Craft Service -- £100 – 2 week turnaround Working with a trusted local cobbler, your J.FitzPatrick shoes will be refurbished to the highest standard outside of the factory. Your leather will also be re-conditioned and shined to come back to you looking as new as possible.

-- For smaller repairs, such as heels/toe taps etc., please email us at to obtain pricing/turnaround times --

**Prices do not include toe taps**

-- We can only vouch for the work of our factory or trusted cobbler. If you have previously refurbished your shoes elsewhere, we cannot be held responsible for the quality and outcome of their work nor can we further accept the shoes to be re-crafted through our services once the shoes have been outside the care of our company.




Pictures shown on page are of the London Re-Craft Service.