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Alki - Oatmeal Suede

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Our Alki chelsea was designed with versatility in mind. Chelseas are often worn casually, and we're big fans of finishing off a pair of jeans with a fine boot--but we wanted to create a chelsea that could also be dressed up. The slender almond-round last and trim silhouette of the Alki results in a refined boot that can be effortlessly paired with dress trousers while remaining an easy choice for your less formal days.

The Alki features a wholecut pattern, meaning that the entire boot is constructed from a single piece of leather. This is is a challenging and costly--and therefore very rare--method of construction. It ensures the highest level of comfort and quality, and the resulting pattern, uninterrupted by side seams, makes for a boot just that much more handsome than your standard chelsea style.

If you've seen our Alki in the past, this new boot is on a completely different level. It now enjoys a tastefully pitched heel, a longer beveled "waist," and tighter stitching density around the welt. At J.FitzPatrick we're all about the details, and even this seemingly simple chelsea boot is no exception: Note the "coke bottle" shaped elastic sides!

The new oatmeal suede colorway seen here is a modern take on the classic chelsea boot idea blended with a Summer vibe. Ever wearable with trousers and denim, this lighter color offers more casual styling options with the likes of linen and cotton trousers to suit your Summer palette.

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    Morgan E Wilson Jr
    Fire Shoes

    Fit, style, quality and top level craftsmanship‼️💥🔥💥🔥