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Highland - "Prometheus" Patina GMTO - LPB Last

Sale price$342.50 Regular price$685.00

Welcome to the Highland "Prometheus" Patina GMTO!

The Highland is a wholecut chelsea boot with a heart medallion adorning the toebox, and "coke bottle" shaped gore adding another elegant detail to its subtle style. Our Highland GMTOs are our latest step in our partnership with patina artist Han Core, who created these patinas for you to choose from, only through July 28.

Production time on these pairs is around 5 months from the end of the GMTO order period, which will be the 28th of July; you can expect your pairs to be ready to be shipped to you in early 2025.

For this patina, choose between leaving a 50% deposit on the total price of $685, or enjoying a 10% discount on that total when paying up front. Like our previous patina GMTOs, this one includes a lot of savings: To order just one boot like this would cost a total of $960: The model's base price ($625) plus a MTO fee ($175) plus a patina ($160). So you're looking at potential savings of nearly $350! All GMTO pairs will ship free to the domestic US.

The "Prometheus" is an uncommon patina, with fire-orange and slate-grey colors vying for prominence, with neither overwhelming the other. Named after the mythological character who first brought the gift of fire to humanity, and whose punishment left him forever confined to a cliff face, the Prometheus patina has depths of not only color but meaning. A unique piece with surely no equivalent in your existing collection!

This Prometheus patina Highland boot is pictured on the soft-chisel LPB last. For the sake of easier visualization, it is listed here as a separate product from its counterpart on the NGT last, but the patina is the same across the two products.

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