The MGF is our chisel last. A chisel toe is the shape of choice for smart shoes, with its sharp lines resulting in an unrivaled professional and elegant style.

The MGF is our most generous fitting last, ideal for broad feet:

  • Generous all around fit
  • Very generous forefoot
  • Voluminous instep
  • Labeled as UK 'E' width (US 'D' equivalent). However, it fits more like a UK 'EX' width (or US 'E' width)
  • Elongated last

 Keep the same size in what you wear from:

  • Magnanni
  • To Boot New York
  • Loake Capital Last
  • Cheaney F Width
  • The generous Alden lasts (take one size down, e.g., a US10 from Alden is a UK9 in our MGF)