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J.FitzPatrick A/W Shoes Now In Stock!

 The A/W stock to my footwear line, J.FitzPatrick Footwear, has finally arrived! For this season I have stepped out of the classic dress shoe type and finally realized a shoe that I have always wanted but had never found one that really struck me and that is the classic Alpine boot. Calling it the Snoqualmie and naming after a ski resort/mountain in Washington (my home state), the purpose of the design was to try and keep the rugged look of the boot, but somehow slim it down a touch. I did so by not having such a massive toe box on it and using a last that was not too voluminous either. That being, it’s use is not so much...

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The Shoe Snob / J.FitzPatrick Goes To Hong Kong & Singapore

After a year and a half of the J.FitzPatrick brand being in existence, I have finally been fortunate enough to take myself and shoes to Hong Kong and Singapore for a few trunk shows. I am quite excited, not only to meet my supporters out there but also because I have never been to that side of the world and greatly look forward to experiencing new things. I know that many of you in that region of the world, who have been supporting the blog for a long time and have been curious about the shoes, have been hesitant to place an online order for fear of it not working out. I am therefore pleased that I finally have the...

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Our New Summer Models

At some point we were going to have to offer you a traditional double monk model of shoe, so we decided to go Italian style and create one that had a hand-stitched apron, as opposed to your typical cap toe version. A double monk being a bit more casual in nature (in our humble opinions), we felt that the apron stitch leaned more toward this notion and thus created a shoe that was not necessarily seen as less for 'work-wear' but hopefully seen more as a very smart-casual shoe that you could find yourself using as a your daily go-to shoe. Therefore, welcome to our new Montlake model. It will sit just right underneath any piece of denim and/or casually...

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J.FitzPatrick Footwear Trunk Show At Skoaktiebolaget May 9th/10th

  X Dear Readers, In two weeks from now I will find myself in the wonderful country of Sweden, partaking in a trunk show for J.FitzPatrick Footwear at the great shop of Skoaktiebolaget in the Humlegardsgatan district of Stockholm. For all those native to that area (or even if you are not but live nearby) it would be a pleasure to meet you in person and present to you the shoes that I have worked hard to realize. And even if you are not interested in the shoes, it would be a pleasure to meet nonetheless so I hope to see you there! Much like that of my trunk show in Paris that I did last October, I will be bringing with me not...

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J.FitzPatrick North America Tour

The time has finally come for me to go out into the world and attempt at not only growing my own footwear line, but meet those outside of London that have been so kind in supporting The Shoe Snob blog. That being, I have decided to embark on my first mini-tour of North America, first stopping in Toronto with a much anticipated 2-day trunk show at newly prestigious Leatherfoot, a few days in Chicago (with nothing officially yet planned) and then another trunk show at the legendary Leffot with my good friend Steven Taffel. It is an exciting time and I look very much forward to meeting all of you that I have spoken with over email or that have...

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