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The Roosevelt

A Two-Tone That Is Far From Monotone

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The Madrona Monkstrap

For a Sleekness Unparalleled

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The Hawthorne Butterfly Loafer

Your Go-To Shoe for Spring/Summer '17

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The Lynwood

Your Go-to Hand-Sewn Apron Stitch Derby

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The Magnolia Classic Oxford

New Colourway

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The Whittier Wholecut

With Handsewn Detailing To Set It Apart From The Rest

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The Quarter Brogue Collection

A Shoe That Means Business

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Welcome to the J.FitzPatrick Footwear site. We appreciate you visiting and hope you enjoy what you see. 
The J.FitzPatrick brand was born from the simple idea of seeing men across the world wearing better shoes. With the desire to blend the classic shapes and style from welted footwear, fused with modern details in design, the vision of the J.FitzPatrick collection is to represent the very idea of ‘classic with a modern twist.’ However, we also hold very dear to our hearts the importance of value for money and therefore strive to make sure that the customer receives the best product possible.

The Shoe Snob - Starter Kit

The essentials to start treating your shoes properly.

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