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Pre Sales

Welcome to our Rolling PreSale Collection

In light of changing structures and how things work in the shoe industry, we have decided to implement a new way of testing ideas and creating new product lines: While we continue to offer our newest Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, we will also periodically offer new 'Pre Sale' models, which we will test to see if we want to offer them in addition to our regular core offering. 
The risk of launching a new model only for its sell-through rate to be a dud is far too great in times of long production waits and upfront cost payments. Therefore, with the new model ideas that we love but are not 100% sure about, we want to test the waters before plunging into production. This will create a win-win for everyone as we will offer these new models at a 20% discount for you to place your order upfront, and we will therefore be able to understand the potential success of our ideas. 

Please note: Your order is guaranteed whether or not we decide to make the model a new RTW Core Product or not.

Production times are 4-5 months after the PreSale period ends.

Pre Sales

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