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Bundle Deal Info And FAQs

At J. FitzPatrick Footwear, we do our best to offer unique styles at great prices; and to make our prices truly unbeatable, we offer a "bundle deal," which allows clients to receive a completely free pair when buying three other pairs at the same time. For maximum clarity about how this deal works, please see the following details:

  • This buy-3-get-1-free bundle spans all full priced ready-to-wear and made-to-order collections: J. FitzPatrick Line, JF Line, and Sneakers. Only group-made-to-order (GMTO) styles do not automatically activate this deal. This is a technical limitation of our website. We are happy to include any GMTO pair in a bundle deal. To arrange this, please contact us at
  • Collections and styles can be mixed and matched to activate the deal: A purchase of 4 full-priced J. FitzPatrick Line shoes will activate the deal, but so would a purchase of 1 J. Fitzpatrick Line pair, 1 JF Line pair, and 1 pair of sneakers, and 1 made-to-order pair
  • This deal activates automatically when 4 eligible pairs are added to your cart. If you find the deal not functioning as intended, please email us at and we will be happy to help!
  • The lowest-priced pair in your order will be the free pair. For example, ordering four pairs of "Snoqualmie" hiker boots at $625 each will end up costing $1,875, and will result in savings of $625; ordering three pairs of those "Snoqualmie" hiker boots and one pair of clearance shoes at $200 will cost the same $1,875, but only result in savings of $200. Plan your purchases accordingly! 

  •  If your bundle deal includes pre-order shoes, and if you wish for us to ship the non-Pre-Order pairs in advance, this will require a split shipping fee for breaking up your bundle order shipment. Only one shipment qualifies for free shipping. 
  • Shipping: Domestic US shipping is free for all bundle orders. For all other destinations, shipping is priced according to our shipping rates found here. In case a return or exchange is necessary, you will be responsible for shipping your shoes back to our boutique in New York City. You will also be responsible for the true shipping cost to send your replacement pairs back to you. Note that the true shipping cost is higher than what we quote in our shipping rates (as we deliberately take a loss on our initial shipping quotes to insulate clients from these costs).
    • Example #1: If you order a bundle deal to the United Kingdom, your initial shipping will be free. If you need to exchange your pairs, you would pay to ship them back to us, and we would subsequently send an invoice to you to cover the second round of shoes being shipped to you--and this invoice would be not be free once again, but for the true cost of shipping, which would likely be close to $70.
    • Example #2: If you order a bundle deal to California, your initial shipping is free. To exchange a bundle, you would have to return your shoes to us, and your replacement shipping would not be free again, but would be the true cost of shipping, which would likely be around $30.
With this in mind, it is extremely helpful to be certain of your sizing prior to ordering a bundle deal! If you are a new client, please email us at for sizing advice prior to purchasing a bundle deal!
  • This deal is not retroactive: To enjoy your free pair, all four pairs must be purchased at the same time, in the same order. There are no exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bundle four pairs from different collections?
Yes, the bundle deal spans all of our collections. Feel free to mix and match sizes and styles (maybe team up with a friend to place an order together!)

Can I combine sale prices with the bundle deal?
Yes! The bundle deal now stacks with sale prices and pre-order discounts.

Does the bundle deal apply to Made-to-Order or Group-Made-to-Order styles?
Yes! The bundle deal now applies to MTO styles. GMTO styles are eligible for the deal, but our website will not activate the deal automatically. Please email us at if you want a bundle deal which includes a GMTO pair.

Can I buy 8 pairs at once, and receive 2 of those free?
Yes! This deal stacks in multiples of 4, so long as each order is eligible for a bundle deal.

Some of the pairs I want are on pre-sale discount. Can I get those as part of a bundle deal?
Yes! The bundle deal now stacks with pre-sale discounts.

I bought a pair (or two) last week. Can I apply those towards a bundle deal?
No. To enjoy the bundle deal, all four pairs must be purchased in the same order. Keeping orders together helps us keep costs down, allowing us to pass those savings on to you. Most obviously, in the form of free shoes!
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