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Step One - MTO - How it Works

For those of you whom wish to customise your shoes, our Made to Order program is just the option for you. The MTO program ensures that you get the exact shoe you want by giving you the ability to customise many of the components that make up one's shoes; such as the last shape, the leather, the sole choice as well as many others. This program is not restricted to the current models on offer, but is extended to any J.FitzPatrick model that has ever been put into production and/or made as a sample.

Made To Order Fee (on top of shoe/boot base price)

Oxfords / Derbys / Loafers / Monkstraps - £100.00

Boots - £125

Shoes over size UK12 - £150

Boots over size UK12 - £200

Surcharge to the models’ retail price (per pair). A 50% deposit must be made in order to commence production and the balance taken upon the shoe’s completion.

In the case of a discount given on MTO orders, the full payment must be made upfront. Shipping costs will be calculated on the shoes/boot's base price.

*Prices are a surcharge to the model's base non-sale price.*

What Can Be Customised

Last Shape - We have 8 lasts: JFK, TMG, NGT, LPB, MGF, SEA, SES & NJF

Sole Choice - Single / Double / Rubber / Storm Welt etc

Sole Color on Leather Sole - Side of Sole / Heel – Black, Dark Brown, Mid Brown or Natural

Sole Color on Bottom of Leather Sole - Red, Purple, Blue etc.

Leather Type - Calf / Suede/ Grain / Fabric (cloth) / Natural Crust Calf for Patina

Piping / Lining Color Piping / Lining (subject to Model or Colors availability)

Small Details - i.e. addition / removal of medallions, gimping, brogueing, cap on toe etc.

Stitching Color - Subject to colors available

Eyelets/Speed Hooks
- Color and Addition / Removal

Delivery Time

3 to 4 months

We strive to be quicker but we would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than the contrary.

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