Back From The Dead - Patina Saved My Loafers

Maybe bursting into my apartment and cooking a rushed dinner while fully dressed wasn't a great idea, but doing so in my new Oatmeal Suede Eskapa loafers was definitely the most harebrained move of the night. After a small but dramatic oil spill (contained to my kitchen, no wildlife harmed), I groaned as I thought my Eskapas were done for, with my suede cleaner turning out helpless.
Shelved for a few weeks and fading from memory, my loafers caught my eye again, evoking a twinge of shame for ruining them. Then I thought, "Wait, I've been the one sending out patina emails to our customers. Of all people, I should know we can fix this!"
I brought the loafers to our shop and pleaded with Greg, our patina artist, to work his magic. He chuckled at my story and told me not to worry. A few days later and my Eskapas are now back and better than ever; Greg had no trouble working life back into a pair that still has a lot of wears left in it. I don't know what to call the new color (certainly not oatmeal!) but I'm looking forward to wearing it, and to leaving behind the regret I felt for my blunder.
So far we've mentioned our patinas to you as ornamentation, but this was a great reminder to us that they can be just as valuable for restoration. If you have a new pair that could use a personalized touch, or an old favorite that needs a little love, reach out to us at!