From Sunnyside To Spectator

I love my Sunnyside adelaides, but honestly was a bit bored with them. With the number of shoes in my collection, a pair of standard tan oxfords doesn't really do it for me anymore; with that in mind I handed them over to our in-house patina artist Greg (@hancore), and told him to have some fun with them.
What he came up with was this beautiful Gatbsy-esque style spectator; he must have read my mind, because this is a style I love. That's the beauty of working with an artist like Greg: he can take a classic and follow his vision to make it into something unique.
Custom patinas are available on all J. FitzPatrick products: Simply tick the "add custom patina" box on a product page, and let us know in your checkout notes if you'd like to emulate an existing patina (view them on our patina information page), or if you'd like to create something totally new!