Feeling Blue, Part 1: How To Style Blue Tones

It may seem like an unorthodox choice, but blue is actually a real workhorse color for footwear: It can play many roles spanning different seasons, styles, and levels of formality.

In a more formal and cooler-weather context, blue shoes can effortlessly stand in for black or dark brown pairs: Just a small change in formality is exchanged for a new color option and all of the styling and accenting options that it opens up. Wear your blue shoes with your favorite navy suit for a charming tonal effect, or with grey tailoring for an easy but handsome contrast.

Seen above are our new Dark Sapphire Suede Washington loafers, subtly adding a dash of texture to a navy suit, really letting the bold shirt + tie combo do most of the talking. And just below is the Palacio oxford in our new Navy Marble Patina / Navy Suede colorway. The marble finishing on these draws the eye down a bit, for an overall more balanced aesthetic effect. Both these shoes are part of our Spring/Summer collection, currently still on pre-sale: Enjoy 10% off until stock arrives. Or browse all our blue styles here!

This is the first of two posts we'll have about styling your blue pairs: Stay tuned for round two, in which we explore a more casual, warmer-weather use for your blue tones!