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Article: Wedding Season: Any Dress Code

Wedding Season: Any Dress Code

Wedding Season: Any Dress Code

Death, taxes, invitations: Every happy couple will request their own dress code, which can leave even the most enthusiastic of us scrambling to fill gaps in our wedding wardrobes: Different locations, levels of formality, and climates make no two weddings (and therefore no two wedding outfits) the same.
Thankfully we've got you covered no matter the nature of the event, whether you find yourself in a tuxedo or in seersucker. Skip below to see footwear options for the weddings you're likely to encounter!

Wedding One: Black Tie

Although no longer common, black tie weddings still pop up, and demand the strictest dress codes. There's no room for experimentation with color here, but a razor sharp chisel-last oxford will tastefully play the right part. Alternatively, black wholecut loafers can sub in for opera pumps if you aren't interested in the glossy look of patent leather.

Wedding Two: Classic Formal

If your invitation says anything like "formal dress," you're best off sticking with sleek oxfords: Simple silhouette, dark calfskin, and a high shine. Ideal for looking your best without drawing too much attention away from the bride and groom.

Wedding Three: Daytime Or Destination

Brighter settings offer more color choices; if you're attending an outdoor wedding, the odds are good that you can get away with lighter shades of brown and burgundy, and even mix in some more casual textures. This goes double for warmer spots--like beachfront or southern weddings--where you can pair your linen or seersucker suit with rich summer colors. 

Wedding Four: Wild Card

Are the bride and groom laid back? Or are you known for being bold? With the right attitude and among the right people, you can wear bright colors, aggressive patterns, or more casual silhouettes. Just make sure to know your audience: You don't want the in-laws to think you're stealing the spotlight!


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