J.FitzPatrick Footwear - Genesee - Tan Soft Grain - Country Rubber Sole - NGT Last
J.FitzPatrick Footwear - Genesee - Tan Soft Grain - Country Rubber Sole - NGT Last
J.FitzPatrick Footwear - Genesee - Tan Soft Grain - Country Rubber Sole - NGT Last
J.FitzPatrick Footwear - Genesee - Tan Soft Grain - Country Rubber Sole - NGT Last
J.FitzPatrick Footwear - Genesee - Tan Soft Grain - Country Rubber Sole - NGT Last
J.FitzPatrick Footwear - Made To Order

Genesee - MTO - Tan Soft Grain - Country Rubber Sole - NGT Last

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  • Hand-Lasted Waist
  • Leather Board Heel Stiffeners
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Fully Leather Lined
  • Made in Spain

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We strive to be quicker but we would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than the contrary.

Additional Sizing

For sizes smaller or larger than our offered range, please email: mto@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com

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Price of Welted Shoes

Destination $0.00 - $199.99 $200.00 - $399.99
$400.00 - $1199.99 + $1200.00
USA (ex. AK, HI, PR) $20 $10 Free Free
Alaska / Hawaii / Puerto Rico $30 $15 Free Free 
Asia $60 $50  $40  Free
Australia / New Zealand $60  $50 $40  Free
Canada $30 $20 $10 Free
Central America / Carribean $50 $35 $20 Free
Mexico $30 $20 $10 Free
South America $60 $40 $30 Free
EU  $60 $45  $30  Free

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J.FitzPatrick shoes have a very standard fit when compared to most other dress shoe brands. Our sizes are based on the UK standard where ‘E’ is the “medium” width being equivalent to a US ‘D’ width. If you have always been size UK10, then this is what you should expect to be in our footwear as well.

All five of our lasts were created on the same body, only changing the shape of the toe, thus ensuring a standard fit from heel to ball of foot, across all models. However, one must take into account that loafers will fit differently to oxfords and oxfords will fit differently to derbys, so while you may feel good in the fit of an oxford, the same size in a derby might feel loose due to the extra room in the instep created from the open lacing.This has nothing to do with size however, but more so the nature of the different models in footwear.

Understanding this will help you choose your size more accurately.

  • Our insteps would be considered generous. 
  • All shoes with 6 eyelets will be even more generous in the instep.
  • Any model in full suede will feel more generous to its leather counterpart.
  • The boots have a forgiving instep in order for you to get into them easily.
  • Any monkstrap made on the MGF or LPB will feel more generous to it's oxford counterpart.
  • If you wear your oxfords very snug, then size up for your loafers. However, for most we recommend taking the same size as your oxfords.

5 F

is equal to

6 EE

is equal to

39 EE

5.5 F

is equal to

6.5 EE

is equal to

39.5 EE

6 F

is equal to

7 EE

is equal to

40 EE

6.5 F

is equal to

7.5 EE

is equal to

40.5 EE

7 F

is equal to

8 EE

is equal to

41 EE

7.5 F

is equal to

8.5 EE

is equal to

41.5 EE

8 F

is equal to

9 EE

is equal to

42 EE

8.5 F

is equal to

9.5 EE

is equal to

42.5 EE

9 F

is equal to

10 EE

is equal to

43 EE

9.5 F

is equal to

10.5 EE

is equal to

43.5 EE

10 F

is equal to

11 EE

is equal to

44 EE

10.5 F

is equal to

11.5 EE

is equal to

44.5 EE

11 F

is equal to

12 EE

is equal to

45 EE

11.5 F

is equal to

12.5 EE

is equal to

45.5 EE

12 F

is equal to

13 EE

is equal to

46 EE

NGT Last

The NGT last is our smart round last that very much represents an elegant modern day classic look.

With a slender silhouette and elongated toe box, the NGT is the perfect last to wear with your sharp, no-frills business suits. 

Being one of our more refined lasts in terms of fit, the NGT is certainly more suited for a narrow to medium width foot.

  • Narrower/shallower forefoot
  • Less voluminous instep but not a low instep
  • Not good for wide feet
  • Elongated last
  • Feels more generous on boots than does on shoe models
  • Hugging arch area
Keep the same size if you wear the below:

-- Allen Edmonds 5/65 last (Bearing in mind US/UK sizing of one different i.e US10 is a UK9)
-- Crockett & Jones 348 last and ones that fit similarly
-- Carmina lasts (exception Simpson)
-- Cole Haan

Step One

How it Works

The MTO program ensures that you get the exact shoe you want by giving you the ability to customise many of the components that make up one's shoes; such as the last shape, the leather, the sole choice as well as many others...

Step Two

The Process

Selecting a Model, Last Width & Sole. The details are what can make a MTO really special for those that like to create something a bit more unique...

Step Three

Lasts, Soles & Leathers

Our range of Lasts, Leathers, Materials,

There are an array of leathers/fabrics that can be chosen for MTO and we have done our best to show a good selection of them...