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US / EU Websites

Welcome to the US website of J.FitzPatrick Footwear
This info page is dedicated to helping you understand the differences between our US and EU websites & companies. While operating under the same name and ownership, the companies are not connected when it comes to inventory or regulations; we want to be transparent in how everything works, so you can understand how and where your purchase is coming from when you make an order.


We recommend that customers living in the US purchase from our .com US site. All products purchased from this site will ship from our New York City boutique, and include options for hardware add-ons and accessories such as shoe trees. Each pair purchased on the US site will ship free within the US.

In case an item is out of stock on our US site, but is in stock on our EU site, you are of course welcome to purchase from our European inventory. However, shipping from our EU fulfillment center will not be free, and purchases of $800 or greater will incur import duties by US customs.

We recommend that customers living in the EU purchase from our .eu European site, as products purchased there will ship from within the EU and will therefore not incur import duties.

VAT is included in all product prices seen on the EU site.

Our add-ons and accessories are not available for purchase from our EU site, such as toe taps, shoe trees, and custom patina finishes. This is due to the fact that hardware add-ons and patinas are added locally near our New York store, and we do not yet maintain an inventory of shoe trees from our EU fulfillment center. All of these items may all still be ordered from our .com US site, but will ship from the US and will therefore incur import duties.
At present moment the EU website and company is set up as a dropship arrangement, with all items currently listed as a Pre-Orders. We have no stock there ready to ship, so any items you purchase will be put into production only after your order is placed. Your order will take around 4 or 5 months to complete. In exchange for this wait time, we offer a discount on all items purchased from the EU site. Each product will have explicit descriptions in its order status and time needed to wait to receive it. In case the product is made available earlier than our quoted timeframe, we will reach out to ensure your whereabouts prior to shipping out your order. 
Please note that under no circumstance can you make a purchase on our EU site and receive stock from our US website and company. Each company purchases it own stock and falls under taxation and regulations of their respective countries of company origin.
When purchasing from the EU company, your order is subject to European VAT taxation. That means if you purchase from the EU website and you ship to an EU address, you will be charged VAT and your purchase will be sent according to the Free Trade rules of the European Union. If you purchase on the EU website and ship outside of the EU, your purchase will not include EU VAT, and you will be held liable for import duty taxation and fees based on your countries current tax rate. These import duties and fees are not regulated by us, nor do we gain any money from said taxes and fees. This is what you pay as taxation for international product importation.
If you prefer to purchase on our US website, where we do hold a ready to ship stock, please note that any purchases made from outside of the US are subject to your countries current import taxation and fees. Please familiarize yourself with your countries import fees prior to purchase. These can usually be found on your countries government website, or using the import duty calculator on the website for DHL, whom we use to ship internationally on our US website.
For any EU related questions or concerns you can always email us at