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The Oxford is an icon among men's shoes, with its timeless character ensuring elegance and professionalism. It remains the unquestionable style of choice for business, while offering a handsome option for more casual occasions.

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Magnolia - Black CalfMagnolia - Black Calf
Magnolia - Black Calf Sale price$495.00
Magnolia - Dark Brown Museum CalfMagnolia - Dark Brown Museum Calf
Puget - Black CalfPuget - Black Calf
Puget - Black Calf Sale price$345.00
Puget - Caramel CalfPuget - Caramel Calf
Puget - Caramel Calf Sale price$345.00
Puget - Dark Oak CalfPuget - Dark Oak Calf
Puget - Dark Oak Calf Sale price$345.00
Puget - Sangria CalfPuget - Sangria Calf
Puget - Sangria Calf Sale price$345.00
Pullman - Burgundy CalfPullman - Burgundy Calf
Pullman - Copper Museum CalfPullman - Copper Museum Calf
Roosevelt - Blue Sunset Patina GMTORoosevelt - Blue Sunset Patina GMTO
Roosevelt - Classic Sunset Patina GMTORoosevelt - Classic Sunset Patina GMTO
Roosevelt - Purple Sunset Patina GMTORoosevelt - Purple Sunset Patina GMTO
Roosevelt - Yellow Sunset Patina GMTORoosevelt - Yellow Sunset Patina GMTO
Spokane - Black CalfSpokane - Black Calf
Spokane - Black Calf Sale price$545.00
Sunnyside - Gold Museum CalfSunnyside - Gold Museum Calf
Sunnyside - Plum Museum CalfSunnyside - Plum Museum Calf
Tony II - Black CalfTony II - Black Calf
Tony II - Black Calf Sale price$495.00
Tony II - Dark Brown Museum CalfTony II - Dark Brown Museum Calf
Save $49.50Whittier - Black Calf  - AW PRE ORDERWhittier - Black Calf  - AW PRE ORDER
Whittier - Black Calf - AW PRE ORDER Sale price$445.50 Regular price$495.00
Whittier - Copper Marble PatinaWhittier - Copper Marble Patina
Save $49.50Whittier - Dark Brown Suede  - AW PRE ORDERWhittier - Dark Brown Suede  - AW PRE ORDER
Whittier - Dark Brown Suede - AW PRE ORDER Sale price$445.50 Regular price$495.00