Welcome to the GMTO / Crowdfund page. Please read everything carefully before making your purchase.

GMTO means 'Group Made To Order'. That means that we crowdfund multiple orders and are thus be able to waive the Made to Order fee, and only charge you the price of a normal "ready-to-wear" production model. However, GMTO's are treated as an MTO in that they are non-refundable/non-exchangeable.

This month, we offer your different chocies of last (NGT, TMG, or LPB, depending on the model you choose).

For straight/pitched heel comparisons, see the photo here.

To see our lasts side by side, click here.

For more in-depth information about last shape and fit, click here.

You may choose between leaving 50% deposits on the full retail price, or saving 10% on the total by paying up front. If leaving a 50% deposit, balance will be due upon our receipt of the shoes, prior to them being given to our patina artist. Any pairs with unpaid balance payments will not receive their patina. Shipping fees will be charged alongside the final balance payment. Shipping fees vary by destination: Please consult this page to confirm what your shipping fee will be.

Time Frame
Deposits can be placed until October 5th. Production will begin in mid October, and it will take approximately 4 months for pairs to arrive to us. After that, our NYC-based patina artist will begin creating the patinas on your pairs, which will take up to 1 additional month. The final estimate for production time is about 5 months from mid October: Expect your pairs in Spring 2024.