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Hawthorne - Dark Brown Museum Calf

Sale price$495.00


Designed in Britain the Butterfly Loafer has really come to fruition over the past decade. Its unique design and silhouette have always been popular in British shoemaking. Most commonly found with a brogued apron but we decided to add our JF twist and include a hand-stitched apron.

A great alternative to a traditional Penny Loafer that will work with numerous outfits. The DB Museum Calf model is a perfect shade for formal attire with suits however works well paired with chinos or dark denim for a more casual style.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Fantastic product

      Great service, great prices and great shoes in all sorts of wonderful options. What's not to like?

      Yacoub Soumahoro
      Incredibly comfortable shoe. Aesthetically pleasing.

      The Hawthorne is my 2nd favorite J.Fitzpatrick shoe in terms of design and comfort (after the Roosevelt). The patina and overall aesthetic are very pleasing to the eye and it feels exceedingly comfortable right out the gate (minimal break-in time). Like all J.Fitzpatrick offerings, the quality-for-money ratio is exceptional.

      Scott Halliburton
      Great product, horrible customer service

      Love the shoes, unique styling. Doesn’t seem to want to retain new customers. Need to buy pair of boots and wingtips…. Will give my money to competition.

      It's always impressive when people like you leave a bad review citing customer service when we usually get 5-stars as an average and for good reason. Let's tell the real story Scott. You bought a pair of loafers which we were grateful for. You then wrote that you forgot to purchase shoe trees. You asked us to waive the $10 shipping to which we said that we would not do so and that the shipping fee needs to be paid. There was no real justification to waive it. Just because you ask us to do so citing that we should because you forgot to add them and we should want to retain you as a customer does not give you the right to not pay the actual shipping cost. So you basically soft threaten us and then when we stand our ground, you hard threaten us by saying you will return the shoes all because we would not waive the $10 for you on a pair of shoe trees. Good customer service is not defined by simply doing anything and everything a customer asks. There are boundaries. Unfortunately the Amazon model has destroyed this. Thanks for the 3-Star Review, I hope you feel proud of that.

      Dimitrije Petrovic

      Hawthorne - Dark Brown Museum Calf

      Ramiro Fafian Sala
      Casually elegant.

      So easy to wear. I just love them!