Menswear Meets Motorcycles

If you were a fly on the wall of our shop in downtown Manhattan, you'd know that one of the most common topics in our shop is the fact that I'm wearing the same boots yet again. "You have so many to choose from," our founder Justin will often say, "so why do you always wear the same few pairs?"
The simple answer is that I love riding my motorcycle, and I hop on it every chance I get, even if it's just for my commute to our shop in downtown Manhattan. Riding an older bike is loads of fun, but undeniably involves some complications -- not least of which is the fact that it limits what I can wear to work! My wardrobe includes so many J.FitzPatrick loafers, patina pairs, suedes, and other styles that simply can't be worn on a bike without causing them permanent damage. So what's a guy to do?
Well, last year I got my hands on the early test sample of our upcoming marble patina "Genesee" jodhpur boots, and I'll tell you it's been a non-stop love affair ever since. Their design is unique but highly functional, and the chisel shape gives them the angularity to be able to occasionally style them more formally -- although Justin still shakes his head in dismay when I couple the boots with a full suit. Meanwhile, the toe taps and rubber sole guards help to make them comfortable and durable, no matter the weather, or the mode of transportation. All in all, they're a dream come true! So much so, that I plan on adding the new black Genesees to my collection to unlock the few outfits that my brown pair can't handle.
Bear in mind that I wear these boots harder than most people will wear theirs -- we wouldn't blame you for not wanting to beat the hell out of your brand new J.FitzPatricks! Whether you give them a thrashing or you wear them sparingly, it's always good to know that you're buying and wearing the kind of boot that can see 50+ hard wears, and still just be a few layers of wax away from looking nearly brand new!
Scroll below to check out some pics of my well-loved Genesees in action, and if you want to style them in your own way, order your own pair today: We have two in the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection here, and loads more available via made-to-order here!