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Article: May 2022 GMTO Styles

May 2022 GMTO Styles

We aim to offer a new round of GMTO ("Group Made To Order") styles each month: 
This allows us to offer a wider range of styles than what we can stock at any given time, at no additional cost to you--so you don't have to worry about any additional fees for your "custom" pair. It also gives you the option to choose from multiple lasts and heel styles, so a GMTO style ends up being partially customizable -- again, at no extra cost! View the whole collection here or scroll down for some quick snippets about each model

First up is our "Madrona": The Madrona is a sleek single monkstrap, made of a mere two pieces of leather/suede. The plain toe adds to its dashing simplicity: Let the elegantly contrasting leather and suede panels do most of the talking for this handsome shoe.

The Madrona GMTOs are offered in three combination calf/suede colorways:

All Madrona GMTOs are pictured on our smart-round NGT last, but are also available for order on the TMG, JKF, LPB, and MGF lasts. Click here for more info about our lasts.
Next up is a rare sight here here at J.FitzPatrick: A derby! We don't often make open-laced "derby" styles as they are typically too casual for our taste; but there's no denying that elegance is still a possibility even for this fundamentally less formal shoe. With that in mind, we created the "Fremont" two-eyelet derby, taking French influences to heart to create a true dress style. This is not the chunky casual shoe seen in Americana styling; rather it is an elegant, angular model intended to be worn with fine tailoring.

The Fremont GMTOs are offered in a subdued bitter chocolate suede (with city rubber sole) and a burgundy suede (single leather sole). Pitched heels are only available with the leather-soled burgundy style. Both models are pictured on our hard-chisel MGF last, but are also available to order on the NGT, TMG, LPB, and JKF lasts. Click here for more info about our lasts.
Finally, we have a whole new assortment of "Phillips" oxfords: The Phillips is a unique "tarsal brogue" oxford, so called because of the addition of the leather strap on top of the tarsal bones of the foot, between the lacing and the toe cap. The pattern of this oxford makes for a bold and uncommon shoe, and thankfully "bold" works wonderfully with tailoring! This is certainly not a classic business style, but is nevertheless a great way to add edge into an outfit while still looking your best.
The Phillips GMTOs come in five new spectator colorways:
All five colorways are pictured on our NGT last, but are also available on the TMG, LPB, and MGF lasts. Click here for more info about our lasts.
Given that GMTOs are, as the name suggests, made-to-order, they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
GMTO pairs can be reserved with 50% deposits on each pair's final price, with the remaining 50% due upon completion of your pair. Deposits are accepted through June 6th. Past that point, all deposits are non-refundable! Production begins after June 6th and is expected to take about 4 months: Expect any pairs from this collection to be delivered in Autumn 2022. Please see our GMTO information page for more details.

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