Pre Sale - Discontinued Models

Welcome to the Pre Sale on our Discontinued Models

Please read the following before purchasing:

We are discontinuing the models shown and are therefore offering one last chance at purchasing it at a Ready to Wear price, with 20% discount offered to wait for its production.

We have allowed for US6, US6.5 and US12.5 to also be purchased at this discounted rate so do take advantage of that size as it would otherwise be an MTO purchase.

These shoes will ship around 4 months from after the sale period ends, which is Feb. 24th, 2020. Please expect this product to arrive in the month of July 2020.

***Please note that PreOrder's on Discontinued Models are Non-Refundable, nor Exchangeable as we are only ordering the stock for you and your purchase. However, in the interest of giving you peace of mind. Should they not work out, we will offer store credit towards another model or order. We hope that you find this fair! ***

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