The Saint Helens last is the chisel last of our JF line. It is slightly elongated, but less so than our J. FitzPatrick line chisel lasts; it ultimately fits very true to size with a medium instep and a cut that closely follows the contours of the foot.  We recommend keeping your standard size with the Saint Helens last.

The Saint Helens is a classic medium-fitting last:
  • Medium forefoot (neither too wide nor too narrow)
  • Medium instep, not as generous as our J.FitzPatrick Line lasts
  • Good for medium width feet
  • Slightly elongated last, yet very shaped to foot length/profile

Keep the same size in what you wear from:
  • Most Crockett & Jones classic fitting lasts
  • Carmina lasts (except Simpson)
  • Cheaney
  • Church's
  • Most benchgrade English brands