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Phillips - Cream Calf / Cream Suede

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A "tarsal brogue" is a rare variation on the classic cap toe: An additional strip of leather is used in the pattern of the shoe, roughly above the tarsal bones of your foot -- hence the name! This design lends itself wonderfully to spectator styles, as the large number of panels offer many opportunities for contrasting colors or materials.

Our "Phillips" tarsal brogue is a dashing example of just that: Notice not just the obvious contrasting tarsal panel, but also the handsome effect of the adelaide piece extending up from the laces and around the opening of the shoe.

The two cream and black colorways form a sort of yin / yang balance in the new collection: Each maintains tonal color combinations to somewhat downplay the boldness of the Phillips' pattern, but whereas the black calf / black suede colorway makes for a relatively business-appropriate shoe, this cream calf / cream suede model is more suitable to easy summer elegance and vacations spent draped in fine linen.

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      Redentor Lambino

      The worst
      I ordered a 8.5 size but you sent me a 10.5 ..... I will never ever order anything from you again.

      You said the same thing on Facebook and when we attempted to fix it and asked for a photo proving our mistake, you never responded or showed such photo. I am inclined to think that it actually did not happen as we were very open in trying to fix this so called error that is not a difficult one to fix. Why do you keep a US10.5 when we could fix the issue? That's the question. It is as if you simply want to slander us.