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Article: Why Don't We See Black Suede More Often?

Why Don't We See Black Suede More Often?

I have always liked black suede, especially when it's a rich, almost velvety black. Yet it's rare at best to see people wearing it or finding classic shoemakers who offer it in their ready to wear collections. My question has always been, simply, why?
Black is undeniably the most popular shoe color, and plenty of people like suede, so how does the crossover end up being so unpopular? My train of thought is that black is considered "dressy" while suede is "casual," so mixing them might be inappropriate. But when the modern gent can be found wearing sneakers with his suits, surely black suede should have made the cut by now? Sadly not, aside from a few outliers such as myself who swear by it.
I long tried to limit myself to black suede loafers (one butterfly, one braided), but on my last trip to the factory I decided to treat myself and acquired three new pairs:
A Chelsea boot, nothing outlandish but sure to be an Autumn/Winter favorite
A Chukka boot, to test a new black crepe sole I've always wanted to use
A double monk, to test updates on our Kent model strap pattern and have a sample of gold buckles for MTOs
If anything, my new pairs have solidified my love for black suede. Take a look at how they turned out and I think you'll be won over!
Black Suede Hawthorne LoaferBlack Suede Laurelhurst Braided Loafer

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