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Article: Three Ways To Wear Derby Boots

Three Ways To Wear Derby Boots

Three Ways To Wear Derby Boots

Derby boots are the most approachable boot style -- which makes them likely the most approachable footwear choice for men, periodThis casual wearing design pairs most commonly with denim, but is by no means limited to that!
Scroll down to join J.FitzPatrick Footwear co-owner Mathew as he wears three different derby boot looks, ranging from a Springtime casual look to a formal (but fun) winter style. Along the way, we'll recommend substitutions to easily integrate versions of these looks into your own wardrobe.

Making the most of an uncommonly warm February day in New York City, Mathew tips his cap to his Canadian roots with the double denim "Canadian tuxedo," paired with our handsome Delridge derby boots.
The Delridge anchors this lighthearted look with its marble patina finish and handsome silhouette -- despite the cheeky Canadian tux, this is no schlubby outfit!
If a derby boot can look half decent with double denim and a yellow corduroy cap, it can look good with anything: Swap out the denim jacket for a leather bomber, ditch the cap, and you've got yourself a solid everyday outfit in the works.
Remember what we said about warm February days being uncommon? Here Mathew confronts near-freezing temperatures with a heavy shearling bomber jacket, paired with his Columbia Redux derby boots: Their studded rubber soles ready to meet the rain that's forecasted for later that afternoon.
The Columbia Redux is the derby boot idea at its core: A grain leather shaft is the only accent seen on this no-BS brown calfskin style that wears effortlessly with denim and can square up against rain or snow.
There really isn't a denim-and-leather outfit that a derby boot won't pair with: Pick the Columbia Redux when you need a less glamorous option for kicking around and braving the weather.
Denim is great, but sometimes you need to step up your game; and when the time comes to put on your favorite suits, your derby boots can come along for the ride.
This look is a playful take on formalwear, as made apparent by the suit's unusual color and the oversized shearling coat: But swap in your favorite navy suit and charcoal overcoat, and you're off to the races!
The trick to involving derby boots in a "dressy" outfit is picking a boot style that's elegant enough. That's almost counterintuitive to the idea of a derby, but just take the Delridge: Pitched heels and and elegant round last ensure that this boot can play ball with the best of them -- in ways that the more casual "Columbia Redux," seen earlier, could only dream of!

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