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Lightweight Shoe Trees - Natural - Brass Rings

Sale price$80.00

When added as an additional item to a pair of shoes or boots, we will select the appropriate size for you.

Good shoe trees are probably the most important thing that you need in order to preserve the life of your shoes. They should be used at all times when you are not wearing shoes in order to appreciate their full benefits.

The J.FitzPatrick Lightweight shoe trees are made of Alderwood, a very strong wood that does not chip and will keep your shoes in their best shape throughout the life of the shoe. Maintaining a shape as close to the last as possible will ensure you get the best possible lifespan from your leather footwear. It's a small price to pay for a long-term benefit, particularly on high-quality shoes.

  • Sizing on the shoe trees are a UK size. So if you see an 8 on the top of the shoe tree, this is a size US9
  • The J.FitzPatrick shoe tree has a shape that will sit well in the majority of shoe lasts and be as close to a lasted fit that you will find for a generic shape. The volume of the shoe trees fill up the entire shoe to keep the shoe’s shape intact at all times without leaving loose areas.
  • Our shoe trees fit true to size for most standard fitting shoes (blake-stitched/bench-grade welted) but are very form-fitting (like a lasted shoe tree). Sometimes they can be difficult to insert but do not be afraid to exert a bit of strength to get them in.
  • For half sizes, however, we usually recommend sizing down. So if you are US9.5, please purchase our shoe trees size US9. This, of course, has exceptions for those large fitting, elongated lasts often found in Italian shoes, in which case it might be best to take the size up.
  • For our loafers, please purchase the size down as our loafers are cut tight and the same size will not work in them.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Philip Ma
      Outstanding Shoe Trees

      High-quality shoe trees; I really appreciate the brass ring as easier to pull up compared to wooden knobs, and they fit J. Fitzpatrick Footwear perfectly.

      Sonny Win
      Great shoe trees

      Love the new light wt brass ring shoe trees, still high quality, fits great, easy to pull out with brass ring

      Gordon Davis
      The Best

      Y'all are the best.
      "Nuff" said

      Fidel Barbosa
      Two amazing pairs

      These shoes are so striking, perfect fit. Amazing quality and very comfortable. Thanks so much Justin!!!