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J FitzPatrick Hawthorne Loafer Amethyst Custom Patina
A new client visited our shop recently, and said he wanted something bold--no problem, we said; bold is what we do best! But as a first-time client, he didn't want to wait months for a made-to-order pair, especially since he was looking for a summer loafer in which to wind down the final days of summer. I suggested patina as an option, mentioning that it could be done on a stock pair with a much quicker turnaround time.
J FitzPatrick Hawthorne Loafer Amethyst Custom Patina
In a matter of days, our patina artist turned an in-stock Gold Museum Calf Hawthorne into a gorgeous purple patina style, nicknamed "Amethyst." The client was as impressed as we were, and understandably so! The artist was able to strip the gold brown color of the shoe and replace it with a deep, patterned purple, plus a high shine!
J FitzPatrick Hawthorne Loafer Amethyst Custom Patina
Nothing can truly replace the intimacy of a MTO order, where each detail is up to you; but we know the wait can be a dissuading factor, which is where patinas on in-stock pairs can lend a hand. More info (and some sample patinas to get your imagination flowing) can be found on our patina info page.
J FitzPatrick Hawthorne Amethyst Custom Patina Loafer

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