Sunnyside - Plum Museum Calf


***PLEASE NOTE: The plum is often quite dark when looking at it under inside lighting. Its subtle undertones come out in the sunlight***

The deep color of our Plum Museum calf is a delightfully acquired taste; its subtle hues offer much of the wearability of a classic dark brown, with purple tones coming forth in bright, natural light. This Sunnyside adelaide oxford in plum sits on our most aggressively styled last, the MGF hard chisel. Made on a single leather sole with a subtly pitched heel, it combines sharp, classic features with a modestly playful colorway, resulting in an undeniably elegant shoe.


      MGF Last
      Ilcea Museum Calf (Italy)
      Pitched Heels
      Single Leather Sole
      Hand-Lasted Waist
      Leatherboard Heel Stiffeners
      Goodyear Welted
      Fully Leather Lined
      7 Brass Indented Nails in the toe
      Made in Spain

      The MGF is our chisel last. A chisel toe is the shape of choice for smart shoes, with its sharp lines resulting in an unrivaled professional and elegant style.
      The MGF is our most generous fitting last, ideal for broad feet:
      -Generous all around fit
      -Very generous forefoot
      -Voluminous instep
      -Labeled as UK 'E' width (US 'D' equivalent). However, it fits more like a UK 'EX' width (or US 'E' width)
      -Elongated last

      Keep the same size in what you wear from:
      -To Boot New York
      -Loake Capital Last
      -Cheaney F Width
      -The generous Alden lasts (take one size down, e.g., a US10 from Alden is a UK9 in our MGF)

      Length: Elongated
      Width: Generous
      Instep: High
      Toe Box: Voluminous
      Last shape: Hard chisel

      Please note: Leather is a natural product. We take images of each shoe in all types of light to show you how the color varies. If you want a very specific color, it is best you ask us for an image of the size you wish to purchase, prior to purchasing.

      J.FitzPatrick shoes have a broad set of fit options, from true to size, on the slim side to more wide. It will be important to make sure you read about the specific last that you are looking to purchase.

      One thing to note across the board is that our loafers have been cut on the snug side, compared to the rest of the models. We did this so that you do not need to 'size down' when going for a loafer, rather recommending you stick to your oxford size (**read exception below)

      Here are a few general rules

      • Our insteps would be considered generous
      • All shoes with 6 eyelets will be even more generous in the instep
      • Any model in full suede will feel more generous to its leather counterpart
      • The boots have a forgiving instep in order for you to put them on easily
      • Any monkstrap made on the MGF or LPB will feel more generous to its oxford counterpart
      • If you wear your oxfords very snug, then size up for your loafers. However, for most we recommend taking the same size as your oxfords
      US UK EU JP
      7 6 40 25
      7.5 6.5 40.5 25.5
      8 7 41 26
      8.5 7.5 41.5 26.5
      9 8 42 27
      9.5 8.5 42.5 27.5
      10 9 43 28
      10.5 9.5 43.5 28.5
      11 10 44 29
      11.5 10.5 44.5 29.5
      12 11 45 30
      12.5 11.5 45.5 30.5
      13 12 46 31

      All shoe orders (outside of Sample/Clearance Sale products - see those rates below) above $100 shipped within the United States include free shipping via UPS ground shipping. Should you require a faster shipment via USPS or UPS, additional fees will apply.

      The USPS 2-day priority mail service used within the US aims to arrive within 2-3 working days depending on location. This is not a guarantee, however. Your tracking number provided will keep you up to date with your parcel. 

      We look to ship out all purchases 1-2 working days after the time of purchase (weekends not included). During "Sale" periods we aim to ship between 2 -4 days after the time of purchase as the increase in orders affects our ability to be any quicker. Add-ons involving changes to your shoes (toe taps, rubber sole bottoms) will increase delivery time by up to 14 days. Custom patinas will increase delivery time by up to 28 days.


      All International Orders are shipped from NYC using UPS, DHL or USPS. Our typical courier is DHL but we will use the service that offers us the best rate. If you prefer one over the other and the one that you prefer is significantly more expensive then we will ask that you pay the difference between the best rate and the rate your preferred courier offers.

      If you prefer one courier over the other, and wish to pay the difference, please indicate this in the notes section of your order. Any failure to do, will result in using the default courier that pffers the best price. Before sending your parcel, we will send an invoice to cover the difference in pricing (should there by any).
      Please note: the shipping charge paid is just the fee to actually ship the parcel. This does not include any other fees to import your parcel into your country. 

      Any and all import duties/fees imposed by your local custom's officials on your parcel will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for. We do not control this and will not be held responsible for any surprises in charges as we do not impose them. Your government does. We declare the parcel at the value paid. We do no under-declare parcel values. Please do not ask us to do so.

      Please note, if you reject your order for not wanting to pay the custom's import taxation, we will be charged a fee for the return shipping. This fee will come out of your refund as we will are not liable for this charge due to your error in ordering. 

      For Remote Labeled Areas a surcharge of the price difference between what we normally pay and what they are quoting will be required to make shipment. 

      We look to ship out all purchases 1-2 working days after the time of purchase (weekends not included). During "Sale" periods we aim to ship between 2 -4 days after the time of purchase as the increase in orders affects our ability to be any quicker.
      We ensure each purchase during the time it is in transit until it is delivered to you. We require a signature for any goods delivered, at which point responsibility for your purchased goods passes on to the customer. If you are not the receiver of your purchase (for example a gift order) then the person who signs for the package confirms receipt and is accountable for the package.

      Orders shipped with different billing/shipping addresses will be scrutinized by our Anti-Fraud system. Of course we understand if one wants to ship to their work address. And we reserve the right to cancel any order that has been deemed fraudulent by our system.

      Shipping for non sample/clearance shoes varies per country and price threshold. To get an exact price quote, please add to your cart the items you intend to purchase, input your shipping address and you will then know exactly how much we charge to your destination.

      You will pay a different shipping price for cart value of $100 or less, $101-$200, $201-$400 and above $400. 

      For sample sale/clearance sale pairs, US shipping is FREE for orders of clearance pairs above $400 (i.e. two models together that create a cart value over $400). We charge a flat rate of $10 for orders over $200, or a flat rate of $20 for orders under $200.
      International shipping of sample pairs is a flat fee based on shipping destination. See these below.

      These higher rates reflect the fact that we normally subsidize shipping to each client's destination, but sample sale shoes are discounted too heavily to allow us to take that same price hit; thank you for your understanding on this matter.

      International shipping rates for sample sale pairs are flat rates of:

      Africa: $90
      Asia: $65
      Australia/Singapore: $50
      Canada: $30 ($20 for purchases greater than $300)
      Eastern Europe: $50
      Western Europe: $40
      Latin America: $70
      Mexico: $30
      Rest Of World: $85

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Sunnyside - Plum Museum Calf

      Absolutely gorgeous shoes.
      A must have in every man dress shoe’s closet

      Shuang Hu
      Great shoes

      Definitely an underrated color, looks amazing under the sunlight. Beautiful shoes

      Andrew Wan
      Easy to wear, easy to pair

      After owning countless pairs of dress shoes, these have become some of my favorite. It fits very comfortably, it's subtle but stylish. Easy to wear, easy to pair

      Michael Pileggi

      Good looking shoes and fairly priced style/construction/quality combo.

      Robert Lopez
      Sunnyside in Plum

      First and most importantly I must give High Praise to Justin not just for his professionalism but how he was Very concerned and patient with me with respect to "Last Sizing", He's been very informative with fitting and shoe care as well. Justin's Brand is "My First" to purchase on line, its not as easy as one would think, simply because I'm a "Hands On" type of Guy, I Touch Everything I buy, so I put all my faith in Justin's Word, and He came through with Integrity and again Professionalism. I can say I honor Him as a friend. Now with respect to the Sunnyside's in "Plum" , I was more than satisfied with the Fit, but more so by the Color, as I'm a Artist by Trade and mix colors for a living. I absolutely Love how indoors they appear to be a Brown Mahogany, but as I step out into this California Sunlight they come to Life, with their Deep Purple´ish Blood tones, they have this Eggplant vibe about them, and that Pitched Heel sets'em off. So do I Love them? YES! I Absolutely Adore them. Justin is a Defiantly a Gifted young Man and on The Cutting Edge. His product shows that. He has a few other shoes I have in my Crosshairs, So I'm definitely a client for life. Again I'd like to Thank Justin and his Team, I'm sure he has some support, you all are Very Much Appreciated, we've all had a Tuff Year, yet you guys never disappointed your clients. Stay Strong, Healthy, & Safe. Only "The Best" to you all. Sincerely, Robert.

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